Selling Subiaco in Spring

Is spring the best time to sell in Subiaco?

With spring comes the blossoming of flowers, the birth of baby animals, a time for change and… a busier time of year for Subiaco real estate agents.

Traditionally, the warmer months tend to bring a boom (or should we say ‘bloom’?) in property sales as the gloomy days lift and the sun starts to shine.

Prospective buyers come out of hibernation and home opens become busier as the seasons turn to spring.

Data points to spring sale increases

According to a REA Insights report from last year, between 2018-2021 home sales trended upwards from when spring hit. Research from also showed that warmer months tend to see home buyers pay more for properties than in the cooler seasons.

However, it’s worth considering which season your home looks its best. If it’s a warm and cosy home with an open fireplace, it could be the depths of winter. If it’s a beachside home with a glistening pool, the warmer months are probably going to make your abode look more appealing.

The ideal season for property sales

One of the benefits of selling during springtime is that the weather turns it on for you, and gives your home the chance to truly shine.

Gardens and lawns often look healthier than other months, and the natural light can work wonders in brightening up your house.

While there’ll be more crowds inspecting homes on sunnier days, it’s also true that there’ll probably be more homes listed for sale to take advantage of springtime property sales.

So how can you stand out from the competition?

Spring clean to optimise the sale

Carry out an intense deep clean of your home to prepare it for sale. Get the carpets professionally cleaned, polish your tiles, remove all cobwebs, wash your curtains and clean the windows. 

Bright sunshine makes it hard to disguise any dirt, so make sure you dust all surfaces thoroughly so they’re gleaming.

If you have too much stuff cluttering surfaces, do a cull and throw out items you no longer need, or consider packing it in boxes and storing them in the loft or even getting a temporary storage unit to hold the items. You’ll need to box everything when you move anyway, so this is simply part of the process of preparing for the big move.

If you want to add extra value to your home, this article has some advice for some quick wins.

Make your home look its best

First impressions count. A fresh lick of paint, new carpets, and even freshly planted flower garden can do wonders for making your property look its best.

To make your home truly sparkle, pressure clean the driveway, trim hedges in your garden, fix broken tiles and replace missing light globes.

Take the time to examine each room in your home, because sometimes we forget something is broken or out of place because we see it every day.

If you want to go the extra mile, we highly recommend you get a property stylist to style your home in preparation for sale. They will be able to make your home have the highest appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.

Do you want to sell in Subiaco in springtime? Get in touch with a member of our Subiaco real estate team at Network Exchange Realty and see how we can help.

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