How to stage your home for Sale in Subiaco

Is staging your home for sale really worth it? In our opinion – absolutely. Buyers shopping for a new home are purchasing with their eyes.

If your house looks cluttered, or the decor doesn’t match, it can be off-putting and lead to a lower number of offers.

While you might think you can’t afford to stage your home for sale, the real question should be… can you afford not to?

Why stage your home for sale in Subiaco?

There are so many advantages to styling your home for sale, but most importantly it’ll make your home stand out from others by giving it the ‘can just move in’ feel.

Home buyers often visit numerous home opens in one day, and if yours is the only one that’s staged, it will stand out.

Staging your home will make it feel warmer, allowing every room to feel like it has a purpose, while making ‘dead space’ more functional.

The main goal is to make your house look flattering and appealing without making any bold design statements that could turn potential buyers away.

How to stage your home for sale on a budget

There are inexpensive ways to upgrade your home and add a little luxury without blowing the budget. For example, investing in new, fluffy towels for the bathrooms, or a new throw for the master bedroom can make the home feel more welcoming.

Try to neutralise any bold colours in the house – you might love your bright blue curtains but they may not be to everyone’s taste. Consider switching them out for some white sheers which you can buy cheaply from shops like Spotlight. This simple change will make the space neutral to cater for all tastes.

Change your bedsheets to pale tones rather than statement sheets, and remove the clutter from all surfaces, choosing one generic object instead (such as an oversized, hard copy book for the coffee table.)

If you have bare walls, think about purchasing some affordable and generic wall art from shops like Kmart (or even op shops) to make the rooms more inviting.

Tips for staging your home

It’s important to remember that staging your home isn’t the same as home decorating. While the interior design of your home often reflects your personal style, staging is about making it appeal to the largest number of people.

With this in mind, it’s important to remove any personal items, such as family photos and monogrammed towels, and make the decor more generic. Think hotel chic rather than cluttered cottage.

Making the space feel ‘fresh’ is also key. Add green plants in stylish pots throughout the space, and get rid of any odours by using air fresheners, scented candles or diffusers.

Don’t forget your outside areas too – put an outdoor rug on the patio floor, clean out the fire pit, and add new cushion covers to faded furniture.

Home staging tips in 2022

If you want your home to stand out from the rest, staging it can be one of the best – and more affordable – investments you’ll make. 

Staging your home for sale will show off its finest features, hide its flaws, and make it look much more appealing in photographs.

Interested in staging your home for sale in Subiaco? Did you know it’s significantly more affordable to stage your home through your real estate agent, such as us?

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