Why Choose Network Exchange Realty as Your Subiaco Property Manager?

Any property owner knows that an asset is a valuable investment. It is essential to keep investments growing in value. Choosing a property management company in Subiaco that holds the same sentiment is crucial. Our full-service residential property management helps home owners with peace of mind knowing that their investment property, rental home, condominium, apartment, or family homes are well looked after through effective tenant screening. If you looking for professional real estate management that offers quality tenants and professionalism, speak to our realtors today.

There are many benefits Network Exchange Realty can offer our clients, which include:
  • High Sales Returns: Property owners can relax when trying to sell their properties. Network Exchange Realty has dedicated staff, many contacts, and vigorous marketing efforts that ensure clients’ properties sell quickly. Our property managers can deal with negotiations on behalf of the owners, ensuring they get a profit. 
  • High Rental Returns: Using efficient marketing and screening processes, we ensure that properties don’t stay vacant for long. We also help set rent prices that attract customers while ensuring the owners enjoy a profit. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Network Exchange Realty offers clients personalized professional services and advice that meets their needs. 
  • Reputation: One of the most valuable things that Network Exchange Realty has is our name. We are well known for our incredible services; many clients have even left excellent reviews and testimonials. 
  • Experience: Many different types of properties need different management. Network Exchange Realty has a well-educated staff to manage various properties. We have many years of experience with all sorts of properties. 
  • Communication: Many rental property owners can get nervous about communicating with tenants, or they may not be around all the time. Regardless of the situation, Network Exchange Realty can be available for tenants and help provide proper communication and resulting action. 
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How Can a Professional Property Management Company Help Me?

Properties are valuable assets that need constant care and management. A property manager is an excellent option for people with busy lifestyles who may not have a lot of time on their hands. Essentially, they can help keep your mind off the nitty-gritty details of managing the property while helping you maximize the benefits. A property manager typically handles a wide range of roles, including; rent collection, maintenance, showing any vacant units, taking care of leases, handling bookkeeping, etc. Let’s look at some of their roles in detail. 

Minimizing Vacancies 

A property manager can help ensure your rental properties are always rented or leased. They will develop strategies such as setting up the ideal rent that will attract tenants and increase the chances of lease renewals rather than vacancy. Other strategies may include; advertisements, screening, and building great relationships with the tenants. 

Setting Appropriate Rent  

Property managers can help analyze and assess the market conditions and property value. They use the data to determine the rent prices, and they help keep them up to date. The property manager may also hold negotiations with renters, potential tenants or tenants renewing their leases. 

Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Managers will inspect the property regularly to ensure everything is working correctly. Detailed reports on the condition of the property can help in terms of scheduling regular maintenance as well as provide proof if any disputes with the tenants arise. 

Managing Tenants 

Property owners may not always be available to check on tenants regularly. Managers can keep up with them and help sort out any issues they may have, including; finances, legal issues, or maintenance. This also helps with tenant retention

Reference Checks 

While property owners would not like to have their spaces vacant, they would also like good tenants. Property managers can offer valuable advice on what to look for in potential tenants. They can help handle interviews, ID checks, employment status, and paperwork when finding prospective tenants.

Rent Collection 

A stressful part of owning property is collecting rent. Property managers can do that for you. They can set appropriate due dates, collect them, and deposit them into the proper accounts. If some tenants cause issues, the property managers can handle them, which helps to avoid awkwardness between the tenants and the landlord. They can help stipulate late fees and collect them and make it easy to pay rent online. In the worst scenarios, they can even handle evictions. 


One of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of owning a property is paperwork. Property managers can ensure that you are up to date with any compliance issues and handle details such as; housing regulations, tax, and insurance. They can also sort out bank statements, bills, and income and expenditure, making work easier for the property owner. 

Essentially, a property manager will help you save on time, energy, and stress. They handle the complex parts of owning property, so you don’t have to. Whether you want to buy houses, sell or manage your property, a property manager can help you significantly. 

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How Much Does Property Management Cost in Subiaco?

There are many things that a property owner would need to consider before hiring a property management company, and one of them would be the cost. Generally, average commission fees for property management services will differ from state to state and from firm to firm. The average cost for property management in Subiaco ranges from 5% to 12% of the rent. However, many factors will affect the fee that individual companies charge. Here is a breakdown of what some property management charge their clients. 

  • Property Management Fee: Properties need proper care and management. If the property owners can’t do it themselves, the management company will do it for them. The fee covers property maintenance, repairs, collecting rent, paying bills, inspections, communicating with tenants, etc. 
  • Letting Fees: The fee typically covers getting new tenants into a property. It covers things like inspections, screening, paperwork, etc. 
  • Marketing Fees: One of the ways that a property management company can minimize vacancies is through its promotional and marketing efforts. The company has fees that cover all of that. 
  • Leasing Fees: The management company is often responsible for drafting, signing, and renewing leases on behalf of the property owner. Some companies have a specific fee for that.  
  • Tribunal Fee: In cases where a tenant has a dispute that ends up in trial, the property management company will provide the necessary paperwork, and in some cases, represent you for a fee. 
  • Annual Statement Fee: Some companies provide an annual financial report for a stipulated amount. In other cases, they may issue the records monthly, quarterly or biyearly, based on the agreement between them and the client. 

Property management companies may charge their clients a flat or percentage-based fee. It is essential to know and understand these details of the payment structure before signing any deals. 

How To Choose The Right Subiaco Property Management Company?

The benefits of a Subiaco property management company are numerous and undeniable. The question, however, is how to select a company that best suits your needs. While everyone has their unique tastes and preferences, there are some essential properties that a property manager should have. 


Where a property management company is located matters a lot. If it is far away, it won’t be the best fit for you. Look for a local company. A local company will provide many advantages, including;

  • Knowledge of the regulations, rates, and general nuances of owning property in the area
  • You will be able to access the company easily 
  • The company can have easy access to your property whenever necessary
  • Reputation 

Property owners would only like to trust their assets to a company with a good reputation. Be sure to ask about any notable property management companies in your area. When searching online, look up reviews and testimonials about prospective companies. Ensure that you’re looking at a licensed company.


Many new companies emerge every day. Trusting your property in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing is essential. A company with experienced staff and an incredible track record should be on your list. Ask about availability, whether they are a full-time company, if the staff have special training relevant to the task, etc. 

Fee Structure 

Once you’ve shortlisted a group of property management companies, it is essential to clearly understand their charges. Some companies have a flat fee; others work based on percentages, while others bill you per project. With details like these, you can budget and opt for a company that meets your needs and budget. 

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What Do Property Management Agencies Do?

Property management agencies are essentially third-party organization that assists a property owner in managing the various tasks involved in taking care of the property. There are many reasons why a property owner may need the services of a property management agency, including; 


When property owners aren’t located close to the property or live busy lifestyles, they may need a property manager on-site to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Managing Different Types Of Property

There are many types of property, including; condos, rentals, villas, offices, etc. Each of these requires a different skill set when it comes to management. Property management agencies will ensure that the right staff will handle the property and advise the owner accordingly. 

Deal With Tenants

A property manager in Subiaco can help with all sorts of communications with tenants. They will also interview and screen potential tenants. 


If a property owner doesn’t know where to start when it comes to marketing their property, a property management agency can help out. They can help determine the best prices to attract tenants or even buyers to the property. Advertising is another critical tool that they will use to help the property stand out within a competitive market. 


For rental properties, the property managers will draft and renew leases on behalf of the owners. 

Management Software

The property management agency can help you maintain the property well. They take on tasks such as; ensuring the lawn is mowed, snow is shoveled, and taking care of the landscaping. If tenants have any maintenance issues, they will be the ones to deal with these issues as well. 


Property managers will ensure that details of rent, expenses, taxes, and other financial details are well recorded and cheques are deposited into the rightful accounts on behalf of the owners. 

What To Expect From Network Exchange Realty As Your Property Manager

At Network Exchange Realty, we are keen on helping property owners prosper and grow. We recognize that everyone has different needs and preferences, so we cater to property owners that wish to buy, sell or even lease. We have qualified staff to meet each of those specific needs. 


Network Exchange Realty is keen on providing potential buyers with premium quality properties. We are able to provide properties that meet their buyer’s preferences, budgets, and lifestyles. Our property management company will also help deal with negotiations and help facilitate a smooth purchase. 


Any property owner looking to sell their property hopes to do so quickly while making the most of the sale. Network Exchange Realty has its client’s interests at heart and can help close deals quickly. We have extensive contacts and remarkable promotional skills, which means we can get many potential buyers quickly. 


Network Exchange Realty helps people looking for properties to rent. Property owners, help them find the best-suited tenants. We can also assist with property management. 

Here are some ways that Network Exchange Realty can help property owners with their properties. 

  • Commitment: The team at Network Exchange Realty is committed to its clients. We ensure that they receive the best services and strive to provide their clientele with the utmost satisfaction. 
  • Communication: Network Exchange Realty is keen to listen to clients’ needs and ensure they provide them with the best solutions possible. 
  • Knowledge: At Network Exchange Realty, clients receive information that will best serve them and their interests, regardless of whether those interests are buying, selling, or renting. 

Network Exchange Realty is a great option for property owners seeking property management services. We provids a wide range of quality services at incredible rates. Network Exchange Realty is the place to go if you need to buy, sell or lease property. 

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