Looking to sell in Subiaco and surrounds?

Here’s how to add value to your home

Are you looking to sell your home in Subiaco or list your property investment for sale, and want to know how you can achieve the best possible result?

Firstly, it’s important to always consider the numbers. This means looking at how much the home improvement will cost you, and how much value you expect it to add to your home.

It’s worth getting a Subiaco real estate agent in for a free evaluation of your property, before asking a home improvement specialist for a quote. When the real estate agent visits, discuss the areas you think would be beneficial to renovate – spaces in the property that could be improved to give you the biggest returns on your investment.

Ask the real estate agent to estimate how much more value these improvements could add to the property, and then when you receive your renovation quotes you can compare costs to ensure you could make a profit.

To help guide you through this process, we’ve listed some straightforward renovation areas we believe can add the most value to your home or property investment.

Paint the walls

Painting is one of the easiest ways to make your home sparkle, and best of all – if you have the patience – you can even do it yourself.

Painting is also one of the more affordable ways to upgrade your property, and yet it can have one of the biggest impacts to the overall look and feel of the home – and potentially the price.

Spruce up the garden

If your lawn is looking a little dead, and the garden beds are full of weeds, it’s impressive how quickly you can turn your garden around to make the whole property look inviting.

Add mulch, lay new lawn, fix the front fence, and straighten the wonky letterbox and you can quickly change the overall look to the exterior of the home.

If buyers feel as though they could move into the property without having to do much to it, they’ll be more inclined to buy.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Sure, renovating the bathroom and kitchen is more costly than the other home improvements we’ve mentioned, but  it can be well-worth the investment.

Even a kitchen or bathroom renovation that’s simple – such as replacing the cabinetry in the kitchen or respraying the bathroom tiles – can completely refresh the areas without major expense.

Add modern light fixtures

One way to quickly modernise your home is by changing outdated light fixtures and adding more modern lighting, such as downlights.

Dated bulky light shades can make a home appear gloomy, and refreshing these fixtures won’t cost too much. Best of all, they can be a lot more affordable to run – another selling point to let the potential buyer know about.

Fresh flooring

If your carpets are stained and worn, it can make your whole home look shabby. Replacing the flooring with new carpet or floorboards can really improve the overall aesthetic of the property.

It also gives you the chance to make sure the flooring matches throughout the home, by having the same tiling scheme throughout the living areas, and the same coloured carpet in the bedrooms. This creates a consistent feel and ties the home together, making it a welcoming space.

Buyers purchase on how a property makes them feel

Buying a property can tap into all sorts of emotions.

If you want potential buyers to walk into your property and feel that immediate ‘wow’ factor, then it pays to invest in some simple, straightforward home improvements before listing the property for sale.

Taking the time to research what renovations will add value to your home should hopefully pay off at the other end, when you sell the property for the price you’re aiming for.

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