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Network Exchange Realty is a Subiaco-based real estate agency known for providing quality property opportunities. Whether buying, selling, leasing or seeking assistance with the management of your property portfolio, our specialised team will deliver a time-friendly, personalised solution to your realty journey. We excel at marketing and sourcing great locations. As a result-oriented agency, our outstanding reputation is built on client satisfaction. Purchasing the perfect home? Hoping to rent a fabulous location with a specific list of features? A member of our team can address any and all high-end real estate needs.

Network Exchange Realty takes pride in supporting our client at every stage of the process. Our team are carefully chosen for their excellence and commitment. Regardless of market conditions, trust us to provide superb service. We will collaborate with you to achieve exemplary property portfolio results.
Selecting a premium real estate agency is vital to achieving optimum success. Pinpointing opulent surrounds that complement your lifestyle is our specialty. You can be assured Network Exchange Realty will secure the finest property contract. Our professionalism and extensive experience means we understand, and can help.

Contact us with your real estate queries. We’re happy to discuss the details and begin creating a path to accomplishing, and exceeding your property goals.


Our story

Network Exchange Realty is renowned for being Subiaco’s result-oriented real estate agency. You can entrust us with your residential and commercial needs. Our team’s commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled. We are passionate about providing personalised, insightful service pertaining to the luxury property sector. Stellar communication is key to securing the ultimate property opportunities. We listen, and use our vast knowledge of the local market to guide our clientele toward premium potential buying, selling or leasing scenarios. Part of our objective is to help you initiate growth by choosing realty with long-term fiscal benefits.

We’re driven to create brilliant circumstances for our clients. Excellent real estate opportunities are our forte. We appreciate premium designs, quality workmanship, and affluent locations. Partnered with comprehensive media marketing finesse across multiple platforms, the results speak for themselves. Our team brings a positive, confident energy and wide-ranging expertise to every realty encounter. Most of all we understand your time is precious, as are your finances. We focus our talents on fully comprehending and meeting your aims, whether it’s buying that dream home, selling and upgrading, renting, leasing, or discovering the ultimate property portfolio investment opportunity.

Network Exchange Realty is always available for a conversation about your future realty ambitions, whether seeking a complimentary analysis, or in-depth advice. Please get in touch. Together we can achieve outstanding results.



The Network Exchange team excel at discovering property gems. We can assist in finding the perfect luxury home for your lifestyle and budget. An abode that creates a relaxing atmosphere, and captures the heart.

Your absolute comfort is paramount to us. Whatever the preferences, our experienced team will work with you to discover a prestigious address that more than meets your real estate needs. With access to a broad range of properties, trust us to source that wanted statement home in a prime locale. As skilled communicators, Network Exchange Realty can easily ascertain the features and feel you’re searching for. Thanks to superior negotiation techniques, we remove any associated stress for our clients, and facilitate a smooth acquisition. Our financial knowledge means we will also help you avoid pitfalls on the funding front.



Our team excels at selling prime property for the best possible return. Network Exchange Realty has an extensive web of contacts and potential buyers that are an invaluable resource. Our status in the real estate market is well established as a source for prestigious properties. Superior promotion is vital, and we know how to highlight the best features of your asset. Utilising high calibre media is key. Modern realty marketing requires a clear understanding of the format and presentation most likely to elicit a positive and immediate buyer response.

Traditionally, selling property is viewed as tedious. But a quality professional agency removes the margin for error, and increases the potential for a fast turn-around. Renowned for eloquent negotiation skills, our team will work within your time frame to achieve paramount fiscal benefits. As an innovative real estate agency, we embrace the marketing opportunities provided by today’s digital world. Our agents are skilled at utilising modern online transparent ways of selling properties, and will happily discuss the range of up-to-date services we utilise to achieve results.

A private sale is not the only path available. Auctioning your property is also a viable option, and a service our agency provides. We advise on reserve price, help set terms, and with a member of our team in possession of an auctioneer’s license, ensure the best possible profit margin on the day. Network Exchange Realty has exceptional local knowledge and market awareness. A team-oriented culture means we share a collaborative, committed spirit. We’re motivated to move your property, and can vet those who enquire and ascertain the legitimate prospects.

You can place your confidence in our organisation. To put it bluntly, we know how to sell. Ensuring a buyer appreciates the current and potential value of your property is where we excel. We also handle the logistical aspects of the sale, saving you time, effort, and the potential for error.



We help renters find sublime properties. Or for those wanting to lease their property, we can assist in sourcing suitable tenants and provide exemplary property management. Whatever your realty needs, our team will deliver. Network Exchange Realty can provide a rental appraisal, and subsequently manage your property. We have extensive experience dealing with the day-to-day requirements and minutiae of tenancy. Trustworthy and thorough, we strive to make your experience as an owner as smooth as possible.
For those searching for the perfect property to rent, our team will assist in finding a location that prioritises your must-have features, whether privacy, security or proximity to amenities. Rather than an exhaustive hunt, trust us to put forward premium rental options that match your criteria.

Renting or leasing does not need to be troublesome. The realty team you choose is key to a premium experience. As a Subiaco-based agency, our knowledge of the local property market is extensive, and we can offer advice and feedback that will help you discover the best luxe rental or leasing situation. We have considerable know-how in this facet of realty management, and would love to assist you. Contact us and we can talk over your property needs. Network Exchange Realty is available to address any queries.

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