Switching to Network Exchange Realty as Your Property Management Agent

Step 1: Sign the Management Authority

To act on your behalf as your property management agent, we require a signed Management Authority for your property.

Step 2: Notify Your Current Agent

We’ll provide you with a draft letter to send via email or post to your current agent, informing them of your decision to transfer the management of your property to our office.

You won’t need to have any further contact with your previous agent.

Step 3: Manage the Termination Period

As per your Exclusive Management Authority with your current agent, there will be a 28-day termination period.

We’ll liaise with your current agent to ensure they have all necessary documentation pertaining to the property ready for handover the morning after the termination period.

We’ll also notify the tenant of the upcoming change in management and get in touch with them directly.

Step 4: Transfer the Paperwork

On the transfer day, we’ll collect all relevant documentation, including the tenancy agreement, condition reports, rental payment ledger, bond forms, and application documents.

Step 5: Welcome the Tenant

Once we have collected the file, we’ll contact the tenant/s to welcome them to Network Exchange Realty, provide them with new rental payment details, address any outstanding issues, and arrange for a routine inspection of the property if necessary.

Get in touch with our team and learn more about using Network Exchange Realty as your Property Management Agent.

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